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General cleaning

Are you looking for a reliable cleaner to offer you quality General Cleaning Services anywhere in Nigeria? Let legikrystal cleaners handle your cleaning challenges with its large network of cleaning companies that are eager to offer you their services. . our general cleaning services includes deep cleaning, maid services, sanitization and disinfection, window cleaning, dust cleaning, upholstery cleaning, vehicle cleaning, swimming pool cleaning


with the increasing demand of maintaining hygiene and sanitization of frequently used space and vehicle and other purpose areas against both seen and unseen infections, our fumigation services are perfectly fix in any of the vacuum for better hygiene and good health

Regular cleaning

High standard cleaning service tailored to your regular hygiene and maintenance services

service we provide

Deep cleaning service

ENJOY COMPLETELY CLEAN AND SHINY PREMISE WITH STRESS-FREE. Sweeping dirt from frames Cleaning of interior of different appliances Removing soap scum from shower heads/taps Removing dust layers from baseboards & doors The aim of deep cleaners is to locate every amount of dust that is hiding away in corners that we overlook during the cleaning procedure. Because these small particles tend to stick with the surface if not removed and later cause problems both health-wise and from an interior perspective. When you hire a deep cleaning service in Nigeria, you get one step closer to achieve a complete hygienic lifestyle. Ideally, you should call for a deep cleaning service in Nigeria after every 3 months to ensure that there are no dirt issues that destroy your clean and organized lifestyle goals. And the best part is that you can use deep cleaning services for both residential as well as commercial premises.

Event Cleaning Services

legit krystal cleaning has been instrumental to providing cleaning services to numerous clients within the Nigeria and aspires to add more and more cleaning solutions to its arsenal to combat the dirt. The pre and post event cleaning services in Nigeria is one of our main focuses given the high amount of events being organized in the city. We aspire to provide you quality cleaning services so you can maintain a positive, neat and clean image in front of your visitors with a spotless and hygienic facility. Our cleaners are dynamic, self motivated and passionate about making your clean really clean and admirable. Our pre and post event cleaning services in Nigeria come with certain features as mentioned below: Seats cleaning Waste removal Restroom cleaning Floor cleaning Our pre and post event cleaning services in Nigeria have been designed by keeping the core cleaning challenges of an event complex in mind so you can find our expertise highly valuable and in line with your needs. We aim to attain your trust and maintain it with our dedicated pre and post event cleaning services in Dubai with timely delivery and a clean result. Our services are customized according to your needs and budget.

General Cleaning Service

The general cleaning service is targeted to clean visible and easily reachable surfaces that are prone to develop dust and dirt. Through this cleaning service, you can easily keep a check on places that you use more frequently during the day and prevent contamination. Set yourself free from the hold of dirt and a layer of dust that ruins the cleanliness and hygienic environment of your place. Generally, the general cleaning service is used for the cleaning of: Bathroom Tiles Kitchen Shelves Living Area Furniture Doors & Windows With a simple decision to hire general cleaning services, you can gracefully deal with these uncountable cleaning challenges. You can maintain a serene and clean environment at your apartment, in the shop or maybe in the workplace. You can keep a check on your apartment’s cleaning matters without even lifting the broom or dusting cloth.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Do you feel frustrated by using a dirty carpet and rug at your premises? This is the high time that you call a professional Cleaning Company In Nigeria to get them cleaned properly. Because ignoring the cleaning of your carpet can reduce its life and invite various problems that possess the power to disrupt your hygienic lifestyle. Whether you want to clean your rugs or wash your carpet, we always at your service. So, stop delaying the cleaning of your carpet and enjoy the same newness, freshness, and attractiveness in your carpet and welcome your guests with pride.

Sofa Cleaning Services

Do you feel a strange odor while sitting on your sofa or is it the sofa appearance that embarrasses you in front of the visitors? In both cases, you need professional sofa Cleaning Services to prevent such embarrassing instances. As visible stains and bad odor are not the only challenges that a dirty sofa brings to your life. A dirty sofa contains various diseases and allergies that demand timely and consistent usage of sofa cleaning services. Put a full stop on all these sofa related problems and hire a professional sofa cleaning company that knows how to clean a dirty sofa and prevent germs and allergies from contaminating your place.

Commercial cleaning

Workplaces, shops, and showrooms are the most occupied places that demand 24/7 cleaning and dusting to ensure a spotless premise. In order to deal with contamination, waste management, and various other unhealthy factors that impact on human health, the commercial cleaning services have been designed. The main purpose of this service is to facilitate those business owners who are in search of an alternative to the costly in-house janitorial departments and maintain a clean facility round the clock. When you hire commercial cleaning services, you basically eliminate cleaning challenges like: Stained Floors & Stairs No Waste Management System Unclean Desks & Chairs Dirty Glass Windows No time for cleaning the commercial facility? No problem! Just hire the professionals and benefit from commercial cleaning services to manage the cleaning matters of your place. With a little investment in this service, you can ensure health safety, higher work productivity, and an ideal environment that would ultimately impress your clients visiting you in the office. Plus, you can easily reduce the cleaning cost that disturbs your yearly budget with the expense of the in-house janitorial department.

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